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Friday, May 25, 2012

BPP: Making School Fun

I changed the title of my blog when school started so it would be about school. I hate school. I would rather do anything but school work but I do like Connections Academy better than my old school. Here I can learn art and Chinese and robotics. My teachers are pretty and smart and they help me a lot. They aren't mean when I don't get it.

 It was hard to blog during school because it was a lot of work but I still did some fun school posts. My mom even wrote a post and it was really popular. My school posts got lots of views. More than almost all the others. My favorites are the PE video and the Virtual field trips. I really liked talking to the NASA engineer. I don't have a picture of my teacher from this year though. :(

I still have three or four more school posts planned before summer really gets going.

Mrs Shelton

Mrs. Dombeck

 and here is Mom's, (next year I think she should have her own page for school).

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