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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BPP: Adventures in Geography

My favorite part about blogging is knowing that people all over the world are reading my posts. It is really funny what posts they read too. Every day me and Mom sit at the computer and look at the maps and see where people who read my blog live. Sometimes we can even figure out what posts they are reading. Like lots people in the Philippines read my First in Math posts a lot. My bubble painting photos and posts get a lot views by people who live in The UK. One of my popular ever posts was the one I wrote on Ireland. People from all over the world read that one but most of the page views came from Russia.

It was really neat when we read about Tunisia in social studies and then that same week someone from Tunisia read my blog. Every time I see a new country that clicked in I add it to my big map. So far I have seen more than 70 countries on 6 different continents.

 Each week I mark where people visit from on a map and I try to learn something about those cities and countries. Now, I write about it in my Saturday Shout Outs. I have learned lots of really terrific things. Like in Ireland the government has to declare a town a city, it isn't based on population. There are some beautiful water fall in Brazil. I learned that France is famous for its wine, cooking and mimes. My favorite was Qatar. It has the best looking buildings, all old and modern at the same time.

My biggest wish is to get views from Antarctica. Then I would have all seven continents.

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