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Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favorite Things About School: Live Lessons

Live Lessons

I really miss recess. Playing with all the kids was so much fun. It's the only reason I ever wanted to go to school. I learn online now. Mom and I have tons of fun but it's not the same as a playground. 

I really hated going to school. I was always in trouble even if I didn't mean to be. I don't really like school now because it is hard to read things but it is so much better now. My teachers always tell me I am doing good.

I really like the live lessons where my class meets with my teacher. Mrs. Vazquez is the nicest teacher I have had yet. Her lessons are always so much fun. I get extra lessons too because I need help.  Some of my classmates have been in the same class together with me for all three years. Everyone in my class is really serious about learning things. I have seen some kids in other classes mess around but our class is not like that and everyone is really smart. Teacher never has to tell us to behave. I don't talk on my headset much because it makes too much noise but lots of other kids do. Sometimes the teacher lets us draw or use the pointer on the board for the whole class. It is so much more fun than a regular class even though we are not in the same room. I get to answer every single question and no one picks on me when I raise my hand or get the answer wrong. Everyone is excited when someone answers a really hard question. We even play games. Once my name was in a test we took during a lesson. Live lessons are one of the best parts of Connections Academy.

Wait until you hear about robotics club.

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