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Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun in any language is still "Fun"

Blogger just added this cool new tool, a translator. Now people can read my blog in any language they want to. I have been playing with it. Some languages are so pretty and some don't look like words at all. I love learning about the places where other people live and this just makes that more fun. Now people can read my blog if they don't speak my language.

Here is Making School Fun in  the languages of the people who visit my blog. 

Making School Fun

Maak Skool Fun     

يسخر مدرسة 

Стварэнне школы Fun

Осъществяване училища Fun


Takže škola Zábava

Gør School Fun

De school Fun 

Gumawa ng School Kasayahan 

Faire Fun école 

Gestaltung der Schule Spaß 

Κάνοντας Διασκέδαση Σχολή 

לועג הספר 

स्कूल मज़ा 

Iskolájában Szórakozás

Membuat Fun Sekolah 

Making Spraoi Scoile 

Fare Fun Scuola 


학교 조롱 

Padarīt School Fun 

Membuat Fun Sekolah 

Å gjøre skolen Fun 

Żartuje Szkoły 

Fazendo Fun Escola 

Efectuarea Fun School 

Создание школы Fun 

Израда Сцхоол Фун 

Burlarse escuela 

Kufanya Shule za Mkono

Att göra skolan till Fun 

ทำ Fun โรงเรียน 

Okul Çı 

Làm Fun trường 

געמאכט שולע ון

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