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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BPP: Fairmount Park


We have this great park where I live. It over 100 years old. Some famous park landscapers made it way back then. My mom and her family used to go there when she was young. It has big trees, lakes and lots of ducks.

 It is our favorite place to go all year long and it is always full of people. In the summer they have concerts there and there are street sellers selling ice cream and toys.

There is a boat house where you can rent paddle boats, bicycles and buy iced water.

 There is a little waterfall too. It even has a rose garden where people like to take pictures. I have seen lots of weddings there.

They added a water pad to the new
play area and we spent a lot of time there last summer. That is the best part.

I have blogged about Fairmount Park a few times over the last year.

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