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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making School Fun: Sign My Yearbook

I finally got my yearbook page up. It has been open since before April but our camera is broken so it was hard to get a good portrait picture. Our neighbor was nice enough to take some for us but I think Mom took this one.

I think it turned out really great. There was a competition to for students to design the cover and the person who won did a really great job. Next year I want to win. On my page, there is a place to show off my family and another to talk about what activities I like to do. I told all about this blog. There is another whole page for my interests and a place for my friends to write. I had a lot of friends write in my book last year.

 I am glad that we got it done. The first year I was here we missed the deadline and I didn't have a picture. I still liked signing everyone's books but I really like having my picture in the yearbook.

 Here is mine! You can sign it here if you want to.


  1. Have a great summer Lian. Can't wait to see what you have planned.


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