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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Favorite Things About School: First In Math

 After Summer we named the blog "Making School Fun," but I never talk about school. I want to say some things I think are fun about school

First In Math

This is the math club at my school. It is a national program. Lots of schools do it. My old school didn't, not in my grade. Connections lets all students do it. This is my third year and it is so much fun. We play math games that teach us about math facts. We collect stickers for our scores. My favorite are the practice gyms. The more or less number line game and the shapes patterns games are awesome too. 

We can track our ranks too. I am 80 out of more than 300 students on my school's teams and number 12 in my grade. I really like being good at something. I really want to get more stickers and help my team get a better rank.

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