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Sunday, October 5, 2014

You Want to Interview Me?

 If you live in Riverside County CA, then you could have seen me in the local paper yesterday. A truly nice reporter from the Press Enterprise, who saw me on Twitter, interviewed me a few weeks ago, about my interviewing people for my blog and You Tube channel. It was really interesting to be on the opposite side of the interview. Afterwards she let me ask her questions about what she does as a journalist and why she chose to be one. I had a super time and the article came out great. You can read the online version HERE 

Th picture in the paper is from my anti-bully interview with Corona police officer Jeff Hedtke.

with Jeff Hedtke

Here is the link to the Mayor's Message interview mentioned in the article. That was my favorite interview to date because it was so grown up.

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  1. Very cool website Lian!
    Keep up the good work and please keep coming back to our place!

    -Sean from Tilly's Tacos


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