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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BPP: Science Experiments

One of the most fun things on my blog is doing science experiments. Some of the best ideas we have had we got from Last Fall I won their Challenge and I got a $100 gift card. I got a Udraw with that money. It was very cool to win. Challenge
 I won!

I have a bunch of new experiments lined up for this summer but me and my family have done a bunch of fun ones all ready.

Science Is Fun! (rainstorm on a spoon)

Balloon Blast Off 

Magic Soap! 

Super Science! (light bending)

Annular Eclipse (pinhole viewer)

Water Bottle Sub

What I like best is making videos. Here are some of the funnest.

Balloon Powered Car

 Like Molecules

We even added a couple of videos I made before I started blogging

My super favorite is when we played a joke on my Granny. She is super cool and doesn't mind when I put her on my blog. In this video we were showing that air takes up space. We didn't tell her that my bottle had holes in it, so it seemed like she was doing something wrong.

I can't wait to show off what we have planned this summer

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