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Friday, January 27, 2012

My favorite Things About School: Clubs

I have as many clubs as classes at my school. They are all loads of fun. Mom made me wait two years before I could join Robotics Club, so I could get used to my classes before adding something so involved. It is so popular it has to meet three times a week so everyone can join in. I had to give up Chess Club this year for it, because Robotics is a busy club. I was in Chess club for two years before that though. It was so great. We got to learn all this neat stuff about chess and we could play games each week and there is a huge tournament every year and the winner gets to play a real chess master.

I already posted about First in Math. I am also in Science in the Kitchen where we do fun experiments each week. I love my Arts and Crafts club, especially since I can't take art this year. Pen Pals Club is fun. I have a great pen pal and we can do fun stuff at the meetings, like this month we are doing power points on our favorite foods.

Pens and Lenses is a fun club. It is the school magazine and we get to submit stories we write and photos we take. Last year my pictures from the La Brea Tar Pits were included in one issue. I am also doing Quiz Bowl again this year. I love it because I have to look up all these great facts and I learn lots of awesome things.  There are a lot of other fun clubs I can join when I get into older grades, like the School Newspaper, Digital Story Telling, Environmental Club and Art Club.

I have to give up a few of my clubs next semester though so I can start taking Chinese. My mom and my teacher think it would be too much for me to do all my clubs and take a foreign language. I really want to take Chinese so I will miss the clubs, but I am glad my teacher is looking out for me.

 Here is the link to Connections Academy's You Tube Channel. There are all kinds of great videos about their clubs

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