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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Shout out May 19

A big hello goes out to my cousin Cheree. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love you!

Hello to everyone this week. I hope it was good for you. I have fallen behind in one of my classes at school so I have been trying to catch up this week. I have also been planning a couple of new pages for the blog this summer.

This week the first international place to visit my blog was ParanĂ¡, Brazil. The language spoken most in Brazil is Portuguese. I had a little fun with this week's Shout Out video. I found some fun tools on my computer's camera.

Portuguese translation via

At first I thought ParanĂ¡ was a town but really it is one of Brazil's 26 states. We found a couple of websites for there and there are some amazing water falls there. I would really like to visit someday. Here is one website I found with a really good slide show 

Hello ParanĂ¡, Brazil!

Waterfalls, Foz Do Iguacu, Parana    

Getting on to the rest of this week's Shouts!

I am really starting to love Ontario, Canada. It has some really beautiful places. This week Hellos go out to Waterloo, Coquitlam and Burlington.

A great big SHOUT OUT goes to Adelaide, Australia

The first American town to visit this week was WayneTownship,  NJ.  They really take history seriously there but I take the public pool seriously. It would really be worth a visit. Their website is great.   Hello Wayne Township NJ!

Photo by Peter A. Blacksberg

I want to say "Hello" to 

Riverside, Corona, San Marcos,  and Lakeside, CA

Allen, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX

Minneapolis, MN

Perkasie, PA

Baltimore, and Finksburg, MD

Fort Rucker, and Alabaster, AL

Clayton, NC

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