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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Read For My Summer: Week Three

Hey Viewers...
This week we had some serious technical issues with audio, and even bigger issues with video, so this episode is late and and it may not have any video if Mom can't figure it out. Sorry, it takes a long time to type everything out.

I really enjoyed the three books chosen and I had loads of fun with the activities that went along with them. Here are the Week Three Books

When It's Time To Eat in Tinga Tinga Tales: Ages 0-3

This book is about dinnertime on the Afican Savannah.

How I rated it:
Readability: The story didn't rhyme but it had a fun rhythm I really enjoyed.

Age Appropriate?: It had bold art and a fun story. I think little ones would really like to read it, or at least look at while someone else reads it.

Artwork: Wow! It is full amazing patterns and bright colors.

Will it Hold Interest?: It is vibrant and unique. I think it would hold anyone's attention.

Did I Like It?: Yes. I liked how happy the animals seemed to be.
Score- 1

Ladybug Girl at the Beach: Ages 4-7

This story is about Lulu and her first time at the beach. She is afraid of the water until she loses something important. Then she turns into Ladybug Girl and discovers the beach can be fun.

How I Rated It:
Readability: It had lots of details about how Lulu and her dog Bingo were feeling at the beach.

Age Appropriate? Lulu explored the beach and did all kinds of things kids her age would do.

Art Work: I loved the waves. I could really see the beach the way she was seeing it and at first it looked kind of big.

Will it Hold Interest?: I was excited to see what she do next.

Did I Like It?: Yes. I really like how Lulu can do anything when she Ladybug Girl.

Starry Sky: Ages 8-10

This book is about Stars and Constellations and how they got their names and some of the stories told about them.

How I Rated It:
Readability: I really liked how the book showed how to say the hard words.

Age Appropriate?: This book is educational and filled with fun facts.

Art Work: It was a great mix of ancient artwork and modern graphics

Will it Hold Interest?: It was fascinating.

Did I Like It?: I love Astronomy and learning about cultures is a great way to learn about Astronomy.

All the books received a 5/5 score. You can click here to see the rubric I use to rate each book.

That's all for this week. Signing Off. Keep Reading!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Read For My Summer: Week 2

It's time for week 2 of WGB Read for My Summer. First,  I want to thank Miss Julia and the We Give Books Team for answering my mom's question.  I also want to thank them for posting my blog on their Facebook Page. So many people from all over the world visited my blog because of that. I really appreciate it.

This week's books were a lot of fun and Mom and I really liked the activities and reading guides that went along with them and  I can't wait for the summer to end. There is a certificate that you can put your name showing you read all the books.

Here are my reviews of this week's selections. You can see the rubric I use to rate the books by looking at this post by my mom. Summer of Fun Book Rubrik (Guest Post)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Read For My Summer: Episode 1

Hey Viewers! Welcome to my blog.

First, my blog has a Facebook Like Page. It is under construction but it is going to have all kinds of extras like more pictures and video from each post. I can't wait until it's done.

This week WeGiveBooks.Org started their summer program, Read for My Summer.  Each week they show three books and all kinds of fun activities to go with them. I raced to finish reading, but I am going to take my time with the activities. For this week there is a place to write a story out of letters, like Clueless McGee, and worksheet packet about Froggy Goes to Hawaii, and really a lot more things to do.

I am going to read and review the books each week and Mom helped me make a rating system to give each book a grade. (she posted about it yesterday). This is my Week 1 episode...

Happy Reading!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer of Fun Book Rubrik (Guest Post)

Summer is upon us and like most parents, this time of year, I am wracking my brain to come up with ways to keep my son efficiently occupied for the next couple of months. Teachers, libraries and book clubs across the planet have wonderful ideas for reading lists. My teachers used require parental verification that, "Yes, I did actually read that many books over the summer!". Reading has never come that easily for Lian, though he loves books nearly as much as I do.  Luckily what does come easily for him is need to help others. That is just one of the reasons why I love This website has provided needed inspiration to get him reading and Lian's blog has provided the inspiration to keep him reading.

For this summer WGB has come up with a fun reading program that features books for three age groups and many fun activities for the kids to complete once they have read each book. I personally am looking forward to doing many of these activities with Lian. He is looking forward to finally having the time to do video book reviews again.

I really wanted him to think about what he was reading, though not just rack up another book score for charity (Public Libraries, this time) so, with his help, I have come up with the Summer of Fun Book Rubrik. I kept it simple, either a book scores in a category or it doesn't, however, he will have to have a good reason why he chose that option. Books are rated in 5 categories and will have a rating out of 5.

Readability: Do the words and ideas flow and do they make sense?

Age Appropriateness: Was this book a good choice for the age level chosen and who else might enjoy the book?

Illustration: How does the artwork support the story?

Ability to Hold Interest: Does the book keep you turning the page to see what happens next or would it if you were the age level recommended?

Do I Like It?: The most important part of any story is whether or not you enjoyed reading it.

He is already having fun with this and I hope his loyal readers do too!

Happy Summer Reading to you all!

ps Rubric is spelled wrong on purpose... It just looks more fun!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

CAT Corona

Hey Everyone!

Tonight I got to go to Kid's Club at the Galleria at Tyler. There was a terrific bubble show. I got a new autograph for my book too. I will make a post about that later. First I wanted to talk about CATCorona.

I talked with them at the CPL Book A Pallooza yesterday and they have a big show opening this weekend. In April, during Night at the Library, a bunch of actors from CAT dressed up as pirates. I just loved them.  Lots of them agreed to be on my blog. I even posted about some of them (Pirate Photos: Corona Public Library, Pirate Paint: Connor Rudolph, Pirate Twins - Corona Public Library  ). This weekend they have their new show Disney's The Little Mermaid, opening up and it is playing next weekend too! They also have some fun programs this summer like a day camp and real summer camp. I would really really love to be a part of that!!!!

You can get information on their web site at or
on their Facebook page at

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Corona Public Library- Book-a-Palooza

I had the best time tonight. It was another fundraiser for the Corona Public Library  Friends of the Library, Book-a-Palooza. There were so many fun things to do. There were games and telescopes and crafts and all kinds of free gifts, My favorite thing was the Corona Police Department. I got to try on police gear.

There were so many terrific people who were willing to talk with me for my blog. 

Inline Rinks
Riverside Astronomical Society

City of Corona Parks and Recreation
Corona Fire Department

CAT Corona
All Smiles Dental
Corona YMCA

Corona Police Department

Food Runners

I can't wait to do posts on them over the next week. One of my new friends, Ms. Lucy Silva, even introduced me to the Mayor of Corona, Jason Scott, and took my picture with him. He was very busy and didn't have time to answer questions, but I thought he was very nice.

Me with Corona Mayor, Jason Scott
The original of this photo can be found here

 She posted some really terrific pictures of the event on her organization's Facebook page.

Here is my whole night in 4 minutes! This was a great way to spend my second blogaversary!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Blogaversary!

Welcome to Lian's Blogaversary Party


My blog is two year's old today.  


Here are the best highlights from the last 12 months. I can't wait to start on the next year. 



The music is I'm Taking You Down written by me and Soldier's Serenade written by my dad. He arranged all the music too.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blogaversary: Just The Stats

Welcome to Lian's Blogaversary Party


 I have the Highlights From My Second Year here, but these are some facts about my second year blogging



 The Top Five International Countries
Clicking in to my Blog:

United Kingdom



The Top Five Cities
Who Visited Me

Mountain View, CA
Baltimore, MD
Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX (tied for views)
Bayside, NY


Top Three Traffic Websites:



Top Search Keywords:
Lians Summer of Fun Blog
Melted Crayon Art
Making School Fun





Top Four Posts:
Foil Stained Glass
More Melted Crayon Art
Melted Crayon Art
Making It Rain

Top Pages:

Lian's Ultimate Summer 2012 Bucket List For Kids of All Ages

Adventures In Geography


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bogaversary 2: Mom's Favorite Post (guest post)

Welcome to Lian's Blogaversary Party




 My favorite posts of Lian's are the projects that have him excited to be learning or doing something new. I actually had two favorites and I can't decide which I like more.

The First is Food Fun Friday - Fizzy Fireworks




I loved watching his face when he saw the colors and they were so vibrant. I love fizzy projects. They always turn out so well even when they don't work, of course, this one worked out very well.


The Second is Solar Powered Stars

This was exciting because we not only were able to get it to work right the first time, but we also able to make it work a second time (Solar Powered S'mores ). I have the perfect box in storage and I can't wait to expand on this experiment over the coming summer.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blogaversary: My Favorite Project

Welcome to my Blogaversary Party


Another fun memory from the last year. This is my favorite project. It was a project mom found on preschool blog, but I really enjoyed it. I got to simulate weather in cool colors. Other people like it too. It is number eight in views on the all time list.

  Making It Rain

What People Are Reading This Week