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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer of Fun Book Rubrik (Guest Post)

Summer is upon us and like most parents, this time of year, I am wracking my brain to come up with ways to keep my son efficiently occupied for the next couple of months. Teachers, libraries and book clubs across the planet have wonderful ideas for reading lists. My teachers used require parental verification that, "Yes, I did actually read that many books over the summer!". Reading has never come that easily for Lian, though he loves books nearly as much as I do.  Luckily what does come easily for him is need to help others. That is just one of the reasons why I love This website has provided needed inspiration to get him reading and Lian's blog has provided the inspiration to keep him reading.

For this summer WGB has come up with a fun reading program that features books for three age groups and many fun activities for the kids to complete once they have read each book. I personally am looking forward to doing many of these activities with Lian. He is looking forward to finally having the time to do video book reviews again.

I really wanted him to think about what he was reading, though not just rack up another book score for charity (Public Libraries, this time) so, with his help, I have come up with the Summer of Fun Book Rubrik. I kept it simple, either a book scores in a category or it doesn't, however, he will have to have a good reason why he chose that option. Books are rated in 5 categories and will have a rating out of 5.

Readability: Do the words and ideas flow and do they make sense?

Age Appropriateness: Was this book a good choice for the age level chosen and who else might enjoy the book?

Illustration: How does the artwork support the story?

Ability to Hold Interest: Does the book keep you turning the page to see what happens next or would it if you were the age level recommended?

Do I Like It?: The most important part of any story is whether or not you enjoyed reading it.

He is already having fun with this and I hope his loyal readers do too!

Happy Summer Reading to you all!

ps Rubric is spelled wrong on purpose... It just looks more fun!

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