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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Balloon Blast Off


I finally learned how to blow up a balloon. We spent the whole afternoon remodeling our balloon taped to a straw to try to get it to fly across the zipline. I love how fun it is too see the balloon take off under the air pressure. I love spending time with my mom. It didn't really work well at first but it's how you attach the balloon. Our first ones didn't work because there wasn't enough pressureforce coming out of the balloon The way we attached the balloon had too much friction. There was a lot of wind too. The straw would fly across the line all by it self in the wind. But we did it and it flew all the way across the yard so fast! You can see the video we made on the Science is Fun page. We did this before as part of a science lesson on force but we couldn't make it work then either. I am so happy we got it too really zip.


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  1. Good Job!! Looks like fun! Great video! That's cool!


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