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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

We did our first project of the summer. Yay!

To make this I used:
broken crayons
a tea light candle 
card stock

First I wrote and printed out my message in MS Word. After cutting out my letters and arranging them on the card stock I melted crayons over the candle and began to touch different parts of the page leaving a blank space over my letters. Mom made sure to put down a liner under where I was working and it was a good idea. Some kinds of crayons drip more than others and it got a little messy.                                                                     

I discovered why adult supervision is important. One of my crayons caught on fire, but mom fixed it right away. It is really important to not put the crayon directly in the fire because they might catch but also because the fire leaves black streaks. I don't think this is a project for smaller kids but I really hope mom and I can try again soon. Maybe with jumbo crayons. It was super fun and the textures and the way the colors blend are just so cool.

The person I got the idea from did this on tiles and I really want to try that. Here is a link ( to the blog post where I got this idea and here is a link (Lian's Ultimate Summer 2012 Bucket List For Kids of All Ages)  to all the other fun projects we have planned for the summer.

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