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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Melted Crayon Art

The other day I made this for a gift for my granny. I have been seeing rainbow crayon art everywhere and really been wanting to try it. 

For this project I used:
Foam Poster Board
Crayon Pieces
Whole or larger pieces of crayons.
A silhouette of me I made in
(I will make another post about that project)
Painter's tape 
*Blow Dryer
*votive or tea light

*Get a parent's help for these things because the heat, fire and blowing hot wax can really hurt you.

For the main picture we mounted the silhouette using glue and scrap pieces of foam board so it was raised. The we used painter's tape to stick a strip of glue crayon bits to the top of the picture. That left a border so I could write something. When it was ready I used my mom's blow dryer to melt the pieces. I used broken pieces for this part because I wasn't going to keep them there and it uses them up.

For my name on the border I wrote it out in painter's tape leaving a corner in each letter pulled up. Then I melted crayon tips in a tea light and covered the area around the letters with the melted crayon tips. When it was cool I pulled the pulled corners and the tape peeled right off. I only had to fix the space in the capital A. I like to use longer crayons for this part because the flame scares me. *Don't use twistables scrap pieces because they catch on fire

A few things went wrong or I need some more practice with. First, our printer needs ink so I had to color in the silhouette with black crayon. That was cool, but it melted a little and the colors splattered. Next time I will mount the foam backs but won't glue on the picture until the crayon is done. I also think the colors should have been in a different order, so next time I will change that around. Mom says we need to have a diffuser for the blow dryer since to be hot enough it makes the melted wax blow everywhere.

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I don't think it will take too much practice to get it looking really nice like some I have seen around the internet. It is also a neat way to frame my artwork I think. Little kids will need a lot of help since there is a lot of hot things and the blow dryer can get heavy before it is done. Older kids should have lots of fun with it. Make sure to put down lots of newspaper because the wax spatters everywhere.

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