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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pirate Paint: Connor Rudolph

Hey Everyone!

One of the most fun things I did was get my face painted. A nice boy named Connor did it. He was funny. He has a great Pirate accent too! He is part of a theater group called CAT Corona. He was helping out with Pirate Night and he didn't mind being a part of my blog.

There are some great pictures of the pirates from the library, and Connor too, at the CAT Corona facebook page. I talked to all the pirates in those pictures, they were terrific and I have video with a lot of them for a post later this week.

Come back in the next few days. I still have highlights from the Pirate Adventure. Plus, I talk to pirate twins and I got to interview Miss Annie and the kids who helped her with the balloons classes, they were all really great.

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