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Thursday, June 6, 2013

CAT Corona

Hey Everyone!

Tonight I got to go to Kid's Club at the Galleria at Tyler. There was a terrific bubble show. I got a new autograph for my book too. I will make a post about that later. First I wanted to talk about CATCorona.

I talked with them at the CPL Book A Pallooza yesterday and they have a big show opening this weekend. In April, during Night at the Library, a bunch of actors from CAT dressed up as pirates. I just loved them.  Lots of them agreed to be on my blog. I even posted about some of them (Pirate Photos: Corona Public Library, Pirate Paint: Connor Rudolph, Pirate Twins - Corona Public Library  ). This weekend they have their new show Disney's The Little Mermaid, opening up and it is playing next weekend too! They also have some fun programs this summer like a day camp and real summer camp. I would really really love to be a part of that!!!!

You can get information on their web site at or
on their Facebook page at

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