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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Read For My Summer: Week Three

Hey Viewers...
This week we had some serious technical issues with audio, and even bigger issues with video, so this episode is late and and it may not have any video if Mom can't figure it out. Sorry, it takes a long time to type everything out.

I really enjoyed the three books chosen and I had loads of fun with the activities that went along with them. Here are the Week Three Books

When It's Time To Eat in Tinga Tinga Tales: Ages 0-3

This book is about dinnertime on the Afican Savannah.

How I rated it:
Readability: The story didn't rhyme but it had a fun rhythm I really enjoyed.

Age Appropriate?: It had bold art and a fun story. I think little ones would really like to read it, or at least look at while someone else reads it.

Artwork: Wow! It is full amazing patterns and bright colors.

Will it Hold Interest?: It is vibrant and unique. I think it would hold anyone's attention.

Did I Like It?: Yes. I liked how happy the animals seemed to be.
Score- 1

Ladybug Girl at the Beach: Ages 4-7

This story is about Lulu and her first time at the beach. She is afraid of the water until she loses something important. Then she turns into Ladybug Girl and discovers the beach can be fun.

How I Rated It:
Readability: It had lots of details about how Lulu and her dog Bingo were feeling at the beach.

Age Appropriate? Lulu explored the beach and did all kinds of things kids her age would do.

Art Work: I loved the waves. I could really see the beach the way she was seeing it and at first it looked kind of big.

Will it Hold Interest?: I was excited to see what she do next.

Did I Like It?: Yes. I really like how Lulu can do anything when she Ladybug Girl.

Starry Sky: Ages 8-10

This book is about Stars and Constellations and how they got their names and some of the stories told about them.

How I Rated It:
Readability: I really liked how the book showed how to say the hard words.

Age Appropriate?: This book is educational and filled with fun facts.

Art Work: It was a great mix of ancient artwork and modern graphics

Will it Hold Interest?: It was fascinating.

Did I Like It?: I love Astronomy and learning about cultures is a great way to learn about Astronomy.

All the books received a 5/5 score. You can click here to see the rubric I use to rate each book.

That's all for this week. Signing Off. Keep Reading!

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