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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Shout Out 6/2

Hello to Everyone. I hope you have had a good week. This week I have been celebrating my first year blogaversary with some of my favorite memories from my blog. I have had so much fun remembering things. I have also been trying to finish up school. That isn't as much fun and learning Chinese is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I am almost done.

I was quite excited to see which cities were clicking in this week. Again there were a bunch repeats. I hope that means that someone is looking at my blog throughout the the week. I would be just as happy if lots of people from the same town were clicking in. I like to look at the map. It is cool see how in some states the towns that I have seen on my list are really close together.

I had never seen a city in Oklahoma on the list before so I checked out Oklahoma City It seems like a really nice place to live and I have family that lives there. I wonder if they know about my blog? I was really excited to see that a new library, the Patience S. Latting NW library, is opening there. Just in time for the summer. The library is my non pool favorite place to be during the summer.

I added a ton of new countries to master map this week. I have seen more than 70 countries now. It was hard to choose just one to learn about so I picked one I haven't heard of before. Actually I had heard of it before but I thought it was part of Czechoslovakia. The Slovakia website is kind of plain,  but it has a ton of great information about The Slovak Republic and its history. I really enjoyed learning about it.

Big Shout Outs go out to everyone who clicked in this week, but especially to my teacher, Mrs. Vazquez who has my blog saved to her favorites! Thanks so much for spending time with me.

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