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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Shout Out 6/16

How is everyone this week? I just finished my last day of school until the end of August. I do have summer tutoring and I don't like it, but some of it is fun. We have started on the Summer Bucket List and I am writing a story, A Summer Adventure by Lian Nathaniel, all summer long. It is so great to see so many repeat visitors. I really thought with school being out that fewer people would visit. I see less cities but more often. That is just terrific.

The two cities I chose to look this week are Cincinnati, OH and Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Cincinnati has a lot of great websites promoting it like and It seems to be a great place to visit. The neatest thing I saw was the Choir Games happening in July. It is like a choral olympics. That would be so much fun to go to. You can read more about them here

Prince Edward Island sounds like a neat place. Summerside was the first town from P.E.I that I have seen on my blog list, so it was a good place to look at.  Summerside first became a town in 1877 then in 1995 it became a city.  Their city website, has links to a lot of great places to learn more about it. I especially liked the photos at

I want to send a great big Shout Out to all the wonderful people, who live in these cities, states and countries, that clicked in to my blog this week! I really do enjoy seeing where you live.

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