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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Shout Out 6/9

I hope everyone has had a good week. I am just trying to finish up school. I just have a little bit of Chinese to finish for school but Mom is making me do math work sheets until school actually ends next week. It isn't too hard. I have spent most of my time swimming. It is hard to blog from the pool though.

This week I took a look at Naugatuck CT. It is a town and a borough. I haven't seen that before. I am not sure how that works.
 It is a small town with around 30,000 people but it has a lot great things on its website . It looks like a nice town to live in and its Howard Whitmore library is so cool looking. Looking at the links, I found the historical society and read about a neat project where the high school kids helped to research the historical artifacts and documents the city museum has. I would love to help with a project like that. That is so cool!

I am going to make a whole post for my international city tomorrow. This week's city is coolest city I have seen yet. Split, Croatia.

Big Shout Outs To all the neat people that clicked into my blog this week. I had so much fun learning about the places where you live. I also learned about four new countries this week. (Whoever you are in The Dalles, OR and Fort Worth TX, please leave a comment so I can say hi to you. I love that I see your towns almost every day.)

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