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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Summer Adventure Pt1

A fun project I thought of  for this summer is a serial story about a family on a summer adventure, inspired by photos from around the internet. Watch for new installments  here on the main page and read the whole story on 

 A Summer Adventure by Lian Nathaniel

Part One:

A family of children was standing in their yard, on the last day of school, watching the sunset. Jerry, Mike and Sally liked the beautiful cotton candy colored sky. Jerry was the know it all of the three children, he was about to tell his siblings that the sun is 93,000,000 miles away when their mom yelled from the door.

"Dinner time!"

As they walked inside Sally said, "Guys, I really wish we could do something fun this summer, that we could have a real adventure."

After dinner they were watching tv when the commercial came on. It was for a contest to win an trip around the world. A trip like that was just what Sally had in mind when she said adventure. The lucky winner would be the one who found the golden horseshoe hidden somewhere in their town.

The children talked, about where they would look, until bedtime. They were excited at the possibility of winning the trip. It would be the best summer adventure ever.

to be continued...

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