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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Summer Adventure Part 2

The next morning Jerry came up with an idea. Their town, Gilmore, had been famous for its beaches since the Seventies. Jerry thought it would make sense to hide the golden horseshoe there.

When the kids got to the beach they had meant to search for the horseshoe right away, but the light blue ocean and the smooth sand seemed too inviting. There would be a lot of time later to look, so the kids played on the beach for a while. Sally soaked in the sun, while Jerry collected rock samples and shells. Mike spent some time looking, at first, but the frothy waves seemed like more fun. The kids played in the ocean and used Jerry's collection to build a decorated sand castle.  It was towards afternoon when they realized they hadn't done much searching and more importantly that they were hungry.

to be continued...

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