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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Summer Adventure part 3

 Tell a Story Sunday

A Summer Adventure by Lian Nathaniel

  They went to the food court to get some lunch. While they were eating, Sally noticed the old lighthouse ruins on the hill behind her brothers. The children had heard all kinds of spooky fun stories about the lighthouse. It would be a great place to hide something. She told her idea to the boys and they thought it was a good one. They ran home and got some ropes and a flashlight. The ground around the lighthouse could be steep.

  They got to the trail and looked up at the ruins. Jerry saw that stones in what was left of the buildings were old and grey. Mike thought it looked like it might have been built by ancient elves like the towers in Lord of the Rings. Sally thought she could imagine the tower whole, when it still guided ships around the rocky barrier that made Gilmore’s beaches so calm. 

  The kids began to make their way up the trail. It was broken in some places so they climbed up the rocks to get around the rough parts. The kids were having a great time. “Race you!” Jerry called back. They kept going up laughing as they went and then, “AAAHHHHH!”.

To be continued…

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