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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The 12th Doctor?

Do you know The Doctor?

I wish I did. Dr. Who is my all time favorite tv show. The Doctor is just so unique and truly magnificent!

Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, has announced that he will be leaving the show after the fiftieth anniversary episode. I have seen all kinds of great actors and some actresses that people think would make a good Doctor.

I think that Tom Hiddleston would be the perfect Doctor. He can play so calm and cool like the Doctor has to be, but he can be so intense and serious when needed. I loved him in The Avengers movie, he played Loki perfectly. Even when he was getting his butt kicked he had such class.

My favorite Doctor is David Tennant. He was so emotional but could be so hard when he needed to be. I think Tom Hiddleston could be even more awesome
I found this awesome made up picture at
I have added a link to a petition to get Tom Hiddleston to be the next Doctor. If you agree, stop by and make your vote known

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