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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pizza and Bread Sticks

Welcome to Food Fun Friday. This week instead of mini pizzas I made a crust pizza. It was a lot more work but it was a lot more fun and I really like the way it tastes. The dough was so squishy, I really enjoyed kneading it.

To make this pizza we used:
2 boxes of Jiffy pizza crust mix
1 sm jar of spaghetti sauce
Shredded cheese
Pizza toppings
Cooking Oil
Parmesan shake cheese

We made the dough using the directions on the back of the box and then topped with sauce, cheese and veggies like we do on our mini pizzas. Before we put the dough in the pizza pan we took 1/3  of it aside. When the pizza dough was pre-baking we made the part we put aside into bread sticks by hand. We topped those with shake cheese just before we baked them with the pizza.

I really want to make this again. It was so delicious!

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