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Sunday, September 2, 2012

We Give Books: Zak the Yak With Books On His Back

It's time for my We Give Books book review.

 First, I would like to thank Toni Buzzeo, the author of last week's book. Her email to me was very nice and I am really happy that she liked my video.

This week I read Zak the Yak With Books On His Back by John Wood.

Zak the Yak travels through Nepal carrying supplies to villages in the mountains because there aren't many roads there. He comes to a village where the school only has a few books for the whole school to read. He promises to help raise money and collect donated books. He send emails and makes phone calls and he gets 5,100 books to take back to the children. The village thinks he is a hero.

The book was published by Room to Read ( They publish books for kids all over the world, in their languages, so that they can learn to read. They also raise money to donate books and open schools all over the world.  I did a google search on the author, John Wood. I found out that Zak the Yak is the story about how he started Room to Read after he found a school like the one in the story when he was on vacation ( At first I really liked the story because I thought Zak was like me and wanted to help kids learn to read. Now, I really like it because it's true and someone really did help kids get books. Mom says I did it again. I chose a fiction book that turned out to be a real story. I just liked the books on his back. I am really glad there are companies like We Give Books and Room to Read and that I can help out a little bit.

I am reading for the Reading Partners campaign. It gives books to reading tutors across the country, You can read more about it here @ There are almost 3,000 people reading for Reading Partners now and we have read over 12,000 books together.  We still need a lot more to make our goal though. See you next week.

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