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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Give Books: Chico the Brave

Hello Everyone! I am sorry I am late with this. There is a lot of summer things to do and not a lot of summer left to them. I read a bunch of books this week and it was hard to pick one to talk about. Mom says that I always find a way to do non fiction, so I chose this book. I don't think it's true but it would be so cool if it was.

This book is called Chico the Brave and I really liked it. Chico is a chick who was born afraid of everything, even his own shadow. He ends up saving his town and he gets really brave. I think just because he discovered that he "can" do it. I really loved the great illustrations. The colors are neat shades and really bright. I think that little kids, like maybe first graders, would really enjoy this story, especially if they own chickens.

I did a Google search on the author Dave Horowitz and I found out that he has a really neat website with great stuff on a bunch of his books. The best part of it though is the Zoo page. He has really terrific art there. I really like his art.

My book count for the summer is up to 28.  You can read about the campaign I am reading for right now here @ There are over 2,000 people reading for Reading Partners now. and we have read over 8,000 books together. That is so terrific, over 8,000 books given for reading tutors to use to help kids read. We still need a lot more to make our goal though.

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