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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mars Curiosity

I spent the night with my mom watching the Mars Rover land. It was so cool. NASA has so many cool websites and programs to play with. We had two screens set up. One was watching the mission control ( and the other was tracking it in Eyes on the solar system ( That is the neatest web page ever. You can look at planets and moons from any angle. That would have been fun even if Curiosity wasn't landing. I am going to use it a lot. I know everyone acted like they were nervous about the landing but I knew it would go okay. Those guys at JPL really know their stuff. 

 I had a great watch party. The video above is just quick highlights. I made a much longer video to keep for myself since I don't think people would want to watch me watching my computer. 

The best part of the night was seeing the first pictures come in. Mom says when she was my age that never could have happened. I think that by the time people get to Mars there won't even be a time lag so we could email Mars in real time.
It was so cool seeing my favorite engineer so happy that his project worked. When I was almost five, I designed a Mars Rover. It was just made out of my toys. It was my first Lian's science show and it is what inspired my blog. It would be so terrific if I got to work on a Mars project someday at JPL.

You can keep track of Curiosity in a lot of places. Here are some of them:

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