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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Open Invitation To All Connections Academy Students

 This summer I started a group at the site FreeRice.Com

This website works with  the United Nations World Food Program to donate food to families in need all over the world. What makes this site special is that we get to practice our education skills while we help people who need it. They ask you questions from all kinds of categories and for right answers they donate rice.

My group is called Connections Kid and in a couple of weeks we have earned more than 12,000 grains of rice. That is more than 1200 correct questions! Our goal is at least one day of rice for at least one person per day. It is about 19,000 grains of rice per day, but we need lots of help for that.  I am inviting any Connections Academy Student, Teacher, Learning Coach or family member to join our team and show that we can give to the community. You can learn about how FreeRice.Com works here, And you can learn about our group here, You don't need to apply to join up.

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