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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Shout Out 7/21

How is everyone this week? I have been working through summer school this week. I already have half of my summer math goal done and my reading is getting better, only my writing is not good yet. Mom agreed that I can start my school lessons next week so I can get ahead for the school year. I really want to do well this year. I am starting behind, so I have to work harder, but I want to get into the STEM academy in 6th grade.  We didn't get any new summer projects done but we have a bunch for next week. 

Great big hellos go out to The Dalles OR, Mountain View CA, Dallas and Fort Worth TX,  and Council Bluffs IA. It is so much fun to see those cities every week. 

I got a new country on my blog this week, Azerbaijan. Another one I had never heard of before, even though it is right next to countries I see all the time.  The article on Wikipedia had some really great pictures of the country. I love how its history dates back to 10,000BC all the way to really great modern architecture.

File:Azerbaijan economic regions.png

File:Azeri Square.JPG

The city I chose to look at this week, Sheboygan WI, was backwards. I mean, I went backwards to choose it. Usually I see it on my list then choose it. This time I learned about it then saw it on my list. It is great when that happens. 

Sheboygan is located in Wisconsin


Sheboygan is the site of the Rockets for Schools (  rockets launches every year. I would so love to get involved in that. I can't wait to go to school in Wisconsin so I have a chance.  I probably won't get to see it next spring but for sure the spring after that.

 Sheboygan has a great website,  with lots of great information about the city and its history, and you can follow the city on Twitter

Shout Out to all the wonderful people who visited my blog this week and to the awesome places where they live. I am so grateful to learn about them each week.

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