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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Polluted is the Air?

For Take a Look Back Tuesday, I visted again a science experiment I did at the end of the first school semester. I love my science class because we get to do experiments almost every week and most of them are a lot of fun. I have to write more now but doing it is still fun.

For this experiment we put petroleum jelly on four pieces of paper and tied them up in four different areas. We put one on the road, it is really busy, near the pool, in the parking lot and by the trash area. We let them stay up a whole day and then counted how many particles they trapped. 

I didn't think they would catch anything but they all got dust and bugs. The funny thing is that the one by the trash was the cleanest of all and the one by the pool had the most dust on it. 

I really had fun with it. I want to do it again because the city cut down a lot of trees by my house and I can see dirt blowing around now.

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