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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Library!

I am not very good at reading but I love going to the library. Books are still wonderful even if they are hard to read. We have a new library in town. It has a really great children's room with a puppet tree and a carpet area with a bench to read away from every one else. It also neat tech info on the water cycle. There is a video and a wall painted with the information. I have had my own library since I could write my name. My favorite books to get are tech or science books. Like books about space or rocks. I like to books to read with mom too. She reads to me every day. She always gets lots of really thick books without any pictures when she wants to read and she reads them really fast. She says some day I will too. Her brother couldn't read until he was in third grade, like me, and now he loves to read really thick books.

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  1. It looks very nice...HUGE Puppet Tree (cool)! I hope you have fun there! Reading is fun, you "takes" you places! My son wasn't a fan of reading either when he was your age...but, he did what you do now..found books that were interesting to him -- once he did that he started reading more!


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