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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bunny Time!

Braveheart saw us across the park and came out into the field toward us. I have never seen any of the rabbits on that side of the track. I have found droppings so I know they go there. Just not when the park is full of people. A girl with a camera was there too and she chased him into the tunnel. We laid out the carrot and sat back. He came back a little later and brought two smaller bunnies with him. He is so brave, he comes right up almost to where we could touch him. I want to but mom still says not to. He likes to eat the little flowers in the grass better than the carrot. We took lots of video today even though we forgot the video camera


  1. I think he likes the Carrots too! Thanks for sharing!! He got so close...well, you were able to get so close! Great video!!


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