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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Water Wise!

Today we visited a water wise garden. This is a garden where the plants need little or no watering to survive. They get most of what they need from the rainfall. That is so cool because it doesn't rain very often. I thought it would be like a rock garden but it was green and pretty and even had a fountain. My favorite plants were the Blanket Flowers. They look  a field of pinkish butterflies. Some other kinds of plants are Kangaroo Paw, English Lavender, Rosemary and Giant Feather Grass. I thought that would look like giant feathers It just looks like tall fluffy grass.


  1. This is awesome Lian! I love watching your show buddy :) Keep up the great work and have a great Summer!

  2. Great pics! Thanks for the info...I didn't know about water wise gardens!


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