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Friday, June 10, 2011

Library Fun!

The library by my granny's house is awesome! We went there so dad could do some research.

It is a big building that looks more like a college or a museum.


There is a big fish tank with really colorful fish. There are statues and big glass cases. 

The children's room is painted different on every wall.


 Part looks like mountains 
and there is a waterfall.

Another corner looks like it's under water. 

There are benches that 
look like boxes of
 lemons on a lemon farm.

The reading area looks like a book shelf with books. I found Waldo easily in the big picture on one wall. 

 There was so much to see I almost forgot to read. We did read though. I read a small book to mom and then we played I Spy. I really like those books. This library is having lots of fun things this summer like movies and magicians. I always love to go the library but that makes it more fun.

It was so cool! I can't wait to go again

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