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Lian's Summer of Fun

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Touch Football!

I love to play sports. I am not very good at most of them but they are still fun. At Bunny Park today mom and I played catch while we waited for the rabbits to come out. There were lots of little ones to day.  We didn't get to watch them much because there were too many dogs off their leashes. The babies are really scared of the dogs. Even Braveheart didn't come out. We could see them at the entrances to their bush tunnels. They didn't come on to the grass very often.

Playing with mom is fun. We both throw like a girl. 
It is okay for her because she is a girl.

Dad played too after he jogged around the track for a while. Then we played football so mom could take some pictures. I won.

That was awesome fun! 
Summer is already such a blast.

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