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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I love when I see my stuff on the web!

Hey viewers.

It is so neat.

 I was looking through my stats page (because I love to see where people who read my blog live) and I saw that a bunch of people visited me this week from someone else's blog. I went to check it out and it was because they posted one of my book reviews from last summer They also said some really nice things about me and my blog. A teacher even left a comment about how she liked my video too.

The blog is called "Building a Library," and it is all about the perfect books for a kid's library. They say they have over 500 books. That is so great. I love to collect books. I have a link to the blog in my side bar because they are always posting neat book stuff there. They even post about comic books and that is awesome because I love comic books.

I love making my blog, when I have time, but I really love doing it when I find out that other people like it too. Plus it is awesome because my second blogaversay is coming soon and like last year I am adding some new pages to celebrate. I already added my autograph book. I am going to add a page just for my book reviews. I really want to try one per week during the summer. It is hard to do that during the school year, at least it was this year.

I hope you visit the Building a Library blog and see all the great suggestion for books. You can even make suggestions yourself for the perfect kid library.

signing off for now!

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