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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That's My Boy! (Guest Post)

Hello Everyone,

Lian's mom here.

 Lian's second year of blogging is coming to a close this month and I thought that this would be a good time to tell the world how proud I am of Lian and all he has managed to accomplish in the last twelve months.

As most of you know, family circumstance caused Lian to have to move to a new city and even switch schools. Neither of us are too happy about that. He misses his friends and I lament the opportunities lost. Still, Lian is a great kid and he has made the best of it and found opportunities galore in his new situation.

On his blog he has made great strides. He has had some fantastic projects over the last year and has lots on tap for the coming summer. He is building on his second place win at his last school's music composition contest and has written several new pieces for use in his vlog segments and his upcoming animation show. He is also interested in producing music videos for his dad's original music.

He has begun writing and story-boarding his regular videos, taking a more directorial approach to them. He has learned many new video editing techniques (and thankfully shared them with Mom). He has begun interviewing guests for his blog on a small scale but he has big plans to expand that idea as he found great fun in learning about other people. Film-making has become a big hobby of his and he can't wait until summer to find the time to edit his animation show together and share it with the world. He has added new pages to his blog and has some great plans for renewing old favorites when he has time over the coming months to spend on them. It is good to see him excited.

At school, he has really enjoyed getting to know his new team of teachers and he has jumped at the chance to try all sorts of new things in the past few months. Over Spring Break he spearheaded the team that earned 250 new books for his school from They were delivered in April.

He really enjoyed going to his first school dance recently and although his school field trips aren't on such a grand scale as he is used to, he got to go to his favorite place in the whole world (the city library) and was super excited to learn things about it he didn't know.

This past week was another first for him. He was in his first school production. The fourth grade classes put on a historical musical skit for their fellow classmates, teaching them about the California Gold Rush. He had a super blast learning the songs and he says that he picked up quite a bit of history along the way. I didn't have the heart to tell him that was probably the point of the exercise. While I have to admit the whole production reminds me of a certain scene in "The Music Man", it was obvious that the kids worked hard and had a terrific time. I am proud of them all.

Academically and socially he has a hard road ahead, but I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that he is finding ways to showcase his strengths. No matter what problems he may face, my boy is fairly spectacular! I am so looking forward to another year of Lian's Summer of Fun


  1. So clever...he actually wrote the background music for the video? I am super impressed!

    1. Yes he is clever! I wish he could see that. He actually plunked it out on the keyboard for his dad and they talked about what he wanted and then dad arranged it for him. I slip his other pieces in as soundtrack to his regular videos or under the title cards. One of the reasons I am so upset about him leaving connections is that they had a music program he could get involved in.


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