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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get Free Books For Your School

Hey Viewers!
Usually We give Books .com gives books to charities when you read them online.
Making School Fun w/ Lian Nathaniel: Reading For Charity and Fun

 Until April 5 you can get books for your school. Each school can get over 200 books if they work hard enough.

I already have 3 for my school but with homework it is real hard to read them all. I know I will do my best. But, Mom will only let me post book videos on the weekend because she says homework is more important.

You can sign up your school Here

This post shows how easy it is to read books online

Log in if you are a member and select your school on your settings page. New users, create an account and you will have the chance to select your school.

Select a book and read. It's that easy!

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