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Friday, March 22, 2013

Read For My School: Day 3 (Guest Post)

Hey Viewers!

Lian is feeling under the weather today, so Mom is doing a guest post to keep him on track. He didn't feel much like reading but he did enjoy listening to a story or two.  We made an exciting discovery. can be accessed from the browser on the Playstation 3. While playing layabout, Lian enjoyed WGB on the TV rather than the computer. He has gotten a few people to pledge to help us read. Lian really wants to earn the books for his new school. His dad and I are certainly going to do our part to help.

We'll keep posting updates and Lian promises to make video book reviews while he is out on Spring Break. That is my favorite part!!

There is still time to sign up to earn books for your school. Over 82, 000 books have already been read for this program. That is a lot of kids, and their families, doing their part for their schools!!

Sign up for your school at the link below
You can sign up your school Here

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