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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1: ELF

Lian's Christmas Movie Countdown: December 1

Spoiler Alert

Elf Poster

I saw ELF. It was really good. It was a story about a orphan baby named Buddy that snuck into Santa's bag and ended up at the North Pole. He was raised to be an elf even though he was much bigger than they were.He wasn't good at being an elf and his adopted dad told him his real dad lived in New York. He met a pretty girl and found out he had a brother. He wasn't good at being a human either so he left. Right then Santa was going by and his sleigh broke because no one believed in him anymore. Buddy tried to fix the motor and Buddy's brother and girl friend tried to make everyone believe. Because of Buddy people had Christmas Spirit and Christmas was saved.

Elf is a really funny movie. Buddy didn't fit in but he still did things his way. I would probably try to be like everyone else if I could.  My favorite part was the snowball fight.

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