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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't Stop Believing!

Don't Stop!

Hey viewers, Saturday I got to go to a summer rock concert at a local mall. There were close to 6,000 people there. The band was called DSB and they are a Journey Tribute Band.

Mom and I made plans for the week and there were three concerts. One at the library ( I will post about that one soon, the interviews were great), one at city hall and one at the Dos Lagos, the last two were the same band. I asked her if I could interview the bands. She said the library would be easy because there aren't usually a lot of people there, but the others might be harder. So we went on the band's website to find an email address. I asked them if I could interview them and guess what? They said yes! They said I could before the show on Saturday. We went to see them play the first concert so I could think of questions to ask. I didn't know who Journey was. When I heard DSB play I knew a lot of the songs though, because of Glee and Mom's playlist. They were really nice to me and the singer, Juan, said he was looking forward to talking to me.

On Saturday I talked to Juan about the band and the music. He was lots of fun to talk to and he had great answers to my questions. After the show I got to go on stage and take pictures and get their autographs for my book. The drummer gave me one of his broken drum sticks! Those guys were really nice and they had so many people to talk to. They still made time for me.

My cameras are still wonky. Half the time the sound didn't work or the video was wobbly, and we had to do some creative editing (that is what mom calls it), but we tried some new stuff to get around the rough spots, Plus, Dad was there to get a second angle so I got to do neat stuff with that and I am really happy with the video.

If you want to see a great band then you should check out DSB.

Their website says that they are the next best thing to Journey. I don't know that, just that I really liked their show. My dad knows though. We dragged him there because he wanted me to have good time with my interview, but he doesn't like live shows, he doesn't like covers, as a rule, and he doesn't like 80's tribute bands and he says these guys are terrific and he would love to see them again. They really do a super job with important things like harmonies and instrumentation plus they are all pros at their instruments. They REALLY impressed him and that may not mean a lot to some people (he is just my dad), to me it means the band is really super, because he spent a long time studying music and he doesn't say nice things about other musicians unless he means it. You can check DSB out at They have lots of shows coming up.

 Look at what they sent to me! I told you they are awesome!


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