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Friday, May 16, 2014

Interviewing the Mayor of Corona

On Friday I was really late to school because I was invited to stop by Corona City Hall and talk with Corona Mayor, Karen Spiegel.  Every month she does what she calls 'The Mayor's Message', when she interviews people in the city about upcoming events and important topics for the city. I really like her interviews, they seem so easy for her.

I had sent her an email asking if I could interview her and she really liked the interview I was involved in with Senator Roth, so she said she would talk with me. Then she got the idea for me to interview her on her Mayor's Message.

It was so much fun. Normally I just have Mom and a camera. For this there were three professional cameras, lots of equipment and a whole bunch of people making sure my clothes looked right and fixing that one little hair on my face.

There are lots of topics important to the city which have to air first, so it will be a while before this interview airs, but I can't wait. I had so much and learned so much. Plus the wrote me the best excuse letter for being late for school ever!


As soon as it ready I will post the link and my behind the scenes video. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures. #CityofCorona

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