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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interviewing a CA State Senator

Hello Viewers, 

Yesterday the most fun amazing thing happened. I got to interview a State Senator.  

About a month ago I sent an email to Senator Richard Roth's office asking what the procedure for getting an interview might be. I exchanged many emails with his assistant, Tyler Madary, who wrote back about how it works. 

"The Communications Director is in charge of all of Senator Roth’s media appearances, including newspapers, television, and social media.  The Scheduler is in charge of Senator Roth’s calendar.  When Senator Roth is invited to meetings or events, she checks his calendar to make sure that he is available to attend."

I was really excited to hear back that he would let me interview him. I talked with my Jaguar News adviser (and vice principal) at school and he arranged with the student council advisers for the student council to help come up with questions for the Senator and with our school librarian, who allowed us to use her vintage library for the interview.

The Senator spoke with us for about 20 minutes and he answered our questions. After the interview, we went on a tour of the school. Some of the buildings there are really old, like our library which used to be the auditorium and it still has the fireplace that used to keep the room warm. At the end, Senator Roth gave me a really beautiful Challenge Coin. I had never heard of those before but Mom and I looked them up at home later and I am really honored that he gave me one. A nice lady from our district was there and she took a bunch of pictures and then interviewed me! You can see her Facebook post HERE

You can see the whole interview here , but here is my favorite part.

I am super happy how this all worked out and I know I could never have managed all by myself. I am thankful to everyone who helped.

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