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Monday, April 9, 2012

Name Yourself Day


Name Yourself Day

When : Always April 9th

Name Yourself Day is your chance to give yourself whatever name you'd like...for a day. If you like your name, then change your name for just today. If you don't like your name, use today to select a new name for life!

Participating in Name Yourself Day is simple and easy. Go ahead, give it a try. Change your first, or middle, or last name. Or, change them all. Give yourself a cool and catchy nickname. Once you've selected your name, you've gotta communicate it to all of your family and friends. This could prove to be the hard part. It will likely take time for your new name to catch on. 

I like my name. Lian is all mine and as unique as I am. 

Today though I am changing my name to John. John is a cool name. John Sheppard would be a great guy to be.


I am changing my name to Jack. There are lots of cool Jacks. Jack Sparrow, Jack O'Neill, Jack Bowser. Jack is a good name.

 I could be Tony, like Tony Stark. He is really really smart!

Optimus Prime is my hero. I could name myself after him. Optimus Nathaniel!

Snubberbloober would make a fun name but it is hard to spell.

I can't decide. They are all good. None of them fit. I am Lian.

I could name myself like they do in other countries.

In Portugal I could be Vidonio. It mean Vine branch or Life

In Norway I would be Lian Morganson

In Italy I could Be Fiorenzo. It means blossoming.

In Greece my name could be Brion. It also means vine. 

I think I will just keep my name. It is a good name.

 I am Lian.

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